Supportive Technology

Ohio is embracing technology that can support people with developmental disabilities to live the life they want. Supportive Technology includes two services, Assistive Technology and Remote Support. 

Assistive Technology can support someone who wants more independence, like using a device that can turn off a stove when they are not using it, or a cellphone application that provides step-by-step assistance with recipes.

Remote Support is sometimes called remote monitoring. The service offers a person with a developmental disability the support of a direct service provider even when the provider is not in their home with them. Remote Support uses two-way communication in real time, just like Skype or FaceTime, so that a person can communicate with their providers when they need them. A person with a developmental disability can choose supports like sensors that can call for help if someone has fallen, or cameras that can help monitor who is coming and going from a person's home.

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