Person-Centered Planning

Person-Centered Thinking

For people being supported by services, it is not person centered planning that matters as much as the pervasive presence of person centered thinking.  If people who use services are to have positive control over their lives, if they are to have self directed lives within their own communities then those who are around the person, especially those who do the day to day work need to have person centered thinking skills. Only a small percentage of people need to know how to write good person centered plans, but everyone involved needs to have good skills in person centered thinking, in the value based skills that underlie the planning.

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Social Role Valorization

SRV is a powerful set of ideas useful in addressing the marginalization of people in society by supporting them to have access to the same good things in life as enjoyed by typical people.

Social Role Valorization

Life Course Framework

The Charting the LifeCourse Framework was created BY FAMILIES to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to know and do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. Individuals and families may focus on their current situation and stage of life but may also find it helpful to look ahead to think about life experiences that will help move them toward an inclusive, productive life in the future.Even though it was originally created for people with disabilities, this universally-designed framework may be used by any person or family making a life plan, regardless of life circumstances.

Life Course Tools

A Person Centered Approach with Director John Martin

Kicking off the Brown Bag Thursday webinar series, Director John Martin discusses the guiding principles that support DODD's person-centered philosophy, what a person-centered approach has to offer, and how DODD initiatives support this central vision.

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Writing Person-Centered Outcomes

This webinar includes differences between outcomes and goals, resources for outcome identification, development and implementation.

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Seven Essential Elements of a Person-Centered Plan

Seven Essential Elements of a Person-Centered Plan

The seven essential elements of person-centered planning were developed through a collaboration amongst divisions at DODD. We agree that a well-written, quality person-centered includes and considers ALL of these elements. Please note that these elements do not include all aspects of person-centered planning, as there are additional rules that impact this work.

Along with each of the elements are suggested resources, tools, and information that you may choose to use when looking at person-centered planning. They are all optional, of course.

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Self Review Tool

Self-Review Tool

This tool should be used to determine if a person-centered plan has met the criteria for each of the seven elements. When implemented across an agency, this tool can help ensure that people are reviewing plans in a consistent manner when looking at quality.

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