System of Care Project ECHO


Ohio Systems of Care Project ECHO

Using a trademarked technological platform and methodology developed at the University of New Mexico, Ohio Systems of Care Project ECHO program offers participants:

  • Opportunities to present complex cases and to receive written recommendations from multidisciplinary experts
  • Opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to manage complex conditions in their own communities and to be part of a community of practice
  • Brief lectures and case-based learning on topics of special interest
  • Free, convenient continuing professional education

Case Referral, Presentation and Recommendations Process

Family and Children First Council (FCFC) coordinators may refer a case for consultation during a Systems of Care Project ECHO session to the Family and Children First Regional Liaisons, and

The FCF Regional Liaison will request that the FCF coordinator complete a SOC ECHO case presentation form for the case selected for presentation. (Click here to download form.)

Visit the full System of Care Project ECHO website at the link below for more detailed information.