2017 Ohio NADD Conference

Brad Wyner

Brad Wyner of Rosemary Center has been a leader at various workshops, meetings and trainings in Northeast Ohio and has been sought out to present throughout the State due to his dynamic style, knowledge and warm personality. At the Northeast Behavior Support Workshops, he makes those attending feel supported and welcome.  In situations/scenarios presented for someone with complex needs, he provides constructive feedback in a holistic approach. Brad shares his knowledge at various conferences, such as OPRA, the TIC Summit and will present at this year’s NADD Conference. His passion for providing quality services and continuous improvement is contagious. He is someone who has been through the process of reframing the approach and culture of an organization through a trauma informed lense. His message is about all of us doing the best we can so that the people we work with can have the best lives possible. Brad has been a progressive and vocal leader in developing Person Centered Planning that considers the person’s trauma history, what is important to the person and for the person and that outcomes must be meaningful. Brad never stops looking for opportunities to grow and evolve and to share his insight and awareness with others.

Montgomery County

Through the 2017 closure of Montgomery Developmental Center, Montgomery County Board of DD took 30 residents out of the developmental center into the community in waiver homes, all of whom were dually diagnosed. This included the development of 6 new waiver homes with significant accessibility and structural modifications. The majority of these individuals had significant behavioral needs and required a great deal of planning. Over the past year, Montgomery County has been actively involved in discharging dozens of other individuals from the Developmental Center, utilizing a collaborative effort among Services and Supports Administrators, Residential Development Specialists, the Mental Health Team, and Behavior Support Specialists who have consistently advocated for the needs and desires of this behaviorally complex population, which ultimately resulted in smoother transitions and more successful outcomes.

Stark County

Stark County's MI/ID team addresses challenges collectively and focuses on the possibilities and creates solutions that support and meet people’s needs.   The teamwork and partnership is evident through any interaction with this team.  They willingly help others throughout the region by sharing their practices and knowledge and are well respected throughout the state social service systems.